[LOOT] Best Free Fire Backpack Skin and How to Get it for Free?

Free Fire Backpack Skin

Free Fire is one of the best battle royal games in which you can find a lot of Cool Design skins of guns, clothes, and many more.

And backpack holds an important part in the game as it is visible to the enemy. Bags are used to carry the ammunition and essential tools that can lead the player to victory.

There are a lot of skins of the backpack which you can easily find in the store.

The best part of the free-fire backpack is that it changes according to the backpack level. You land without a backpack and you get the backpack in between the game.

As you find the better-upgraded backpack your backpack design also changes.

Some of the cool animations that are added in the backpack skins make the player even character cooler.

Types of Free Fire Backpacks:

Best Free Fire Backpack

There are three types of backpacks available in the free fire game without a backpack when you land in the battleground the capacity to hold the ammunition is around 150.

  • Level One Backpack: The capacity to store the item in the level one backpack is 230. You can only store a limited amount of tools in it.
  • Level Two Backpack: The capacity to store the item in the level two backpack is 300.
  • Level Three Backpack: The capacity to store the item in the level one backpack is 400 and it is the max capacity of a backpack you can also carry some frags in the remaining space you can include according to your requirement.

There is also a character and a pet which helps in increasing the backpack capacity as well. Getting a backpack skin is also a rare thing or you can buy it in an event or store by using diamonds.

Why Backpack Skins are useful?

Well in terms of company perspective it is one of the ways to earn the money and make the company financially stable, and in the game, skins make the game looks good, and a lot of players like collecting the skins as well.

Top 7 Backpack Skins in the Free Fire which are available in store right now.

  1. Cobra Guardian: Cobra guardian backpack has a cool animation in level three the red color of animation that makes it look like it emits a Venum of red color looks so cool.
  2. Soul of the Pirate: the bag has a skull in the backpack that gives a vibe of pirates and it is best suited for the player who likes looting more than winning the game. On every level, the skull and a treasure get more and cooler in the end it looks like a legendary treasure.
  3. Murderous Amusement:  Creepie tool gives a vibe of Halloween,  the weapon in the hand of Dool in the third level of backpack gives the backpack a badass look and gives and emits a horror aura.
  4. K.O Night Backpack: It looks like a set of punching bag kits with a cool effect. It is a cylindrical type punching bag with a pair of boxing glubs. The glubs emit a killing aura as it is possessed by someone.
  5. Royal Flush Backpack: It is a set of three different sets of cards as in level one it looks like a solder In the second level the animation shows a crown queen of a card And in the third, it is a king. this skin gives looks a bit sad as they do not want to be in war anymore.
  6. Mystic Fox Backpack: is like a folded massage in level one and as in level three it shows a fox is keeping the massage safe by covering it with her whole body, this skin looks pretty good for the camper who likes playing with tactics.
  7. Painted Omen: this backpack contains a colorful skull with cool paint spray in it. the color makes the skin very attractive and looks really good while in the game.

In a free fire, there is some other character as well that helps in increasing the capacity of the backpack and there is one pet night panther that helps in increasing the backpack space.

There are also new skins that are going to release in the next update as well and let’s hope they do not disappoint the players.

Hope you are holding it together in this pandemic like the backpack is holding all the items.

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