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Best Free Fire Control Settings for Newbies 2022

With the growing popularity of the battle royal game among the players there are even new players who are willingly making entry into the battle royale world and playing the free fire game. Although the default control setting is set in such a way that it is convenient for the new players as well as old ones. But free fire control setting for newbies can further even be made more convenient for them as it totally depends from the player to player. Usually, players like to set the control setting according to their own convenience. If the players have played any of the battle royal games earlier then it can be easy for the players to customize control settings accordingly but if the private player is a total Newbie then it can be difficult. There is no set pattern for any player to play accordingly but if the players want then the Free Fire control setting can be customized for the newbies.

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Free fire customizes settings for the newbies are as follows. Only if the player feels comfortable while using these controls then they can play or they can even customize accordingly but these are the few suggestions that can make a gameplay more easy for them.

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All these things can make the control setting easy for the newbies in Garena Free Fire making their gameplay easy. Although all these are alterable able players can set them according to their own requirements.

How can the Players alter the Control Setting in Garena Free Fire?

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Best Control Setting in Garena Free Fire for Pro Players:

Just like newbies, there are even pro players playing the game and with experience, they might want to customize the control as per their requirements. The basic options like the graphics, language, mini-map, battery usage, etc can be altered accordingly. Players can even customize the sensitivity control as it helps the players to move fast and does less damage. Pro players usually prefer to keep the auto pick on as it makes it easy and less time-consuming. Changing the graphic also helps in easy play.

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Best control Setting in Garena Free Fire for Headshot:

A headshot is something that usually players tend to do but not everyone has a good shot. But to make it easy players can customize some sensitivity settings like they can attach red dot, 2X scope, 4X scope, Sniper scope, or Free look. At the start, players might not feel comfortable but with practice, these attachments can be of big help to the players for a clean headshot.

How to become a pro player from a newbie in Garena Free Fire?

I’m ordered to become a pro player, the players should choose the device in which they will play very carefully. They should set the control settings according to their comfort and use all kinds of weapons during the game.

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