Best Free Fire Server 2022 List : New Game Servers [UPDATED]

Best Free Fire Server 2022

There is always a competition in the field of games. And when it comes to mobile gaming, two major gaming corporations have taken over the market. Pubg and Free fire are the two dominant companies in the field of mobile gaming. Free fire is one of the very popular games and the hype is like fire on Youths and adults.

Free Fire is a multiplayer game battle royale in which a group of people around 50 to 100 land on a specific map and survive till the last man standing. The fire of Free Fire is spread across the whole world and millions of people regularly enjoy the game. There are many servers available in Free fire and people are always wondering which server is the best option to choose from. Numerous servers are present for players to choose from.

Why Many Servers for One Game?

Every online game demands to work on Server. The server can be chosen according to the region or it can be chosen by choice as well. There are many servers available inside the game which are included by the Free Fire. It cannot properly work on a single server because there is too much engagement of users in the game and it is impossible to handle this amount of crowd through a single server. Also in just a single server, there could be a language barrier as well, so to sort out this issue the game needs different Servers.

How many Servers are Present in the Game?

There were 12 servers already present till 2022, but now Free Fire has added one new server to the list. The Free Fire team has launched a new server in Bangladesh. Now the total list of the servers in the game is 13 and the list of Free Fire servers is :

  1. Indian Server
  2. Thailand’s Server
  3. Brazilian Server
  4. Mexican Server
  5. Middle East Server
  6. Indonesian Server
  7. Russian Server
  8. Taiwanese Server
  9. European Server
  10. Malaysian Server
  11. Vietnamese Server
  12. Pakistani Server
  13. Bangladeshi Server

These are the available servers for the Garena Free Fire. All of these servers work fine but users are facing problems regarding the server speed and some other issues related to Ping.

In the server list, the updates are out and the Fastest Server list of Free Fire is:

  • America Server
  • South America Server
  • Japanese Server
  • Australian Server
  • Africa Server
  • Antarctica Server

How to change the server in Garena Free Fire?

In Garena Free Fire, the players will not be able to change the server all by themselves because there is no option present to change the server in the game application. But there is a trick with which you will be able to change the server and play on your favorite server. A VPN is needed for this trick to work. Download the VPN of your liking or go to the Play Store and check all the high reviewed VPNs. Then connect the VPN to your desired Country and then open the game. Complete the signup process through Gmail, Facebook, or a VK account. After the signup process is completed, you are ready to enjoy your game on your desired server.

Best Free Fire Server:

Each server plays a similar role but the functionalities of each server are different. The servers could have different prices for diamonds or more or fewer rewards.  This is all based on the region and the traffic in that region. In some servers, the Diamond prices are cheaper than the rest, or some offer low bundle prices. So, this concludes that every server is different from the rest and you can choose the server from the list below:

  • Best value in Price and Events, you can go for India Server.
  • The Brazilian server is well known for early updates.
  • The Indonesian server has the best bundles and offers.
  • Thailand and Vietnamese servers are popular for giving free diamonds.

So, each server provides a different service to its users and gives the best experience of the game.

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