[Ultimate List] Top 5 Most Bundles In Garena Free Fire With Photo In 2022

Most Bundles In Garena Free Fire

Just like always, Garena free fire has left us with no big surprise. Every month there are new bundles launched which are available only for a month only. These bundles are common but unique also as each and everyone bundle has its own unique importance and its specific features. Players usually like to play with different outfits and features and these bundles give them the opportunity to decorate their characters as per their choices. These bundles are not available for a long period of time as it is only available for a month and if a player really wants to gain these bundles they should not waste much of the time and as soon as possible they should be able to collect it as once the bundle is gone the same would never come again. All these outfits are very eye-catching and fancy for the players to play which makes them more attractive and increases the willingness of players to buy them. Once the outfit is gone it becomes rare as only the players who were able to gain it at that time when it was available to have them rest others cannot have them.

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Talking about the top five bundles in Garena free fire are as follows. Although it’s not easy to choose the top five and it might even worry according to their preferences but these are the top five rare bundles of free fire in the month of April 2022.


1. Night Clown Bundle:

This bundle was seen in the month of November 2020 and it was a part of the Magic cube elite bundle. It was available in the game store. This skin was very interesting and it was inspired by a clown’s character. The movie it was quite famous at that time and the night clown get-up was somewhat similar to the scary clown. The whole bundle comes with a night clown mask, shoe bottoms, and even the top.

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2. Hip-Hop Bundle:

We have heard the saying old is gold which perfectly fits in this bundle as the hip-hop bundle is one of the oldest free fire bundles. It is also available in the game store. During the season 2 elite pass the hip-hop bundle was launched as a tire reward. This hip-hop bundle is now rare as it is not available in the present time only the players who are playing free fire for a very long time during the season 2 Pass have this skin.

3. Bunny Warrior Bundle:

During the launch of the special event, the bunny Warrior bundle was also launched with it as it was available for redemption at the time of the event. The players could not purchase it from the game store now but in order to gain this they needed to participate in the bunny drawing competition only after that can they get this bunny warrior bundle in their inventory. The skin was an inspiration from the famous Warner brothers character Bugs Bunny. The bundle contains a top-bottom head and shoes.

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4. Criminal Green Panel:

This is one of the rarest bundles a player can see in a free fire game. It was available during the time of a special event as the players could get this from the game store. Now the event is over but at that time players had to perform some challenges and quests in the game itself to earn the lucky Star points which they could further use in order to gain this rare bundle. These lucky Star points were like the currency of that particular event which the players could use to buy something. The skin of this bundle was inspired by the DC‘s character joker as the full outfit of the character was green and it was having a mask of a joker on its face.

5. Crazy Panda Bundle:

Last but not least is the crazy panda bundle. During the launch of the Magic cube elite bundle, it was the first skin that was launched. It is a very simple skin having a black Hoodie with a small logo designed like a black panda on it.

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