How To Make A Coffee With Impact Drink Recipe In Genshin Impact?

Make A Coffee With Impact Drink Recipe

Genshin Impact is one of the best anime-style character games in which you can use magic and fight bad guys and play the role of hero/traveler in the game as a character. The developer of Genshin impact miHoYo keeps adding new characters and storylines to the arcs in which they added a new event “Of Drink A-Dreaming”.

In the event, the traveler has to become a Bartender at Mondstadt bar Angel’s share.

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About the Game Genshin Impact:

Genshin Impact is a Role-playing game (RPG) that starts with the story of a brother and sister who are traveling from one world to another while crossing to another world an unknown god blocks their path and separates the sibling and the god casts a seal so that they can not able to travel and go to another world.

It is an open-world game in which you met a lot of characters and able to learn their back story as well, Genshin impact game gives an emotion of roller coaster sometimes the storyline is so funny and sometimes it makes you cry.

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All about the event “Of Drink A-Dreaming”:

In this event of Genshin impact players can take part in Bartender Academy Week to start the event you have to visit Mondstadt and have to meet Luka who will invite the player to take part in the competition. In this event, there is a total of 21 recipes that you have to unlock in which you also have to serve the drinks to the customer in a fixed time to complete the task.

Of  Drink A-Dreaming event is divided into two parts Tavern tales and Bartender Challenges, you have to complete Tavern tales first to start another one. Creating a drink requires three ingredients and the player has to add one Foundation out of three. There are six flavors that the player can select according to the recipe.

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Best way to unlock all the recipes in Genshen Impact?

Of Drink A-Dreaming

In this event, a lot of time players got confused when a customer asked for the drinks that are locked and you also have a limited time to prepare the drink. To unlock all the drinks you just have to follow simple steps.

  1. First, meet the bartender name, Charles.
  2. When you interact with him there are two options to work on your bartending skills which are
    • “I’d like to take part in the bartender challenge” and
    • “I’d like to come up with a new mix”.

From both, you have to select the second option by which you can unlock all the recipes one by one by solving the recipe riddle.

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How to make “Coffee that has Impact”?

In the event “Of Drink A-Dreaming” most of the time customers asked the drink by the name and size all you have to do is follow the recipe according to the customer’s need but in some cases, customers are not sure about the drink or they give you a riddle type of order in which you have to make a coffee according to Customers requirement one of the drink is “Coffee that has some impact to it. In this drink, all you have to do is follow the recipe of Foamy Reef.

In the Foamy Reef recipe, you have to add:

  • Two quantities of Coffee.
  • One quantity of Fizzy water.
  • And give the size of the cup according to customer need.

You will learn a lot about coffee and how to prepare them even though you were just making it in a game it feels quite real.

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What is the Event Reward?

All the events that are included in the game Genshin impact provide the player a set of rewards, in the new event “Of Drink A-Dreaming” as well you will get the chance to earn the rewards if you complete all the tasks successfully.

Some of the reword available in this event:

  • Primogems which is used in wishes.
  • Name card – Celebration: Binge Vessel.
  • Event-Exclusive Furnishing which is Tavern Shaker: Grumous Oscillation.
  • Hero’s Wit.
  • Talent Level-Up Materials.
  • Weapon Ascension Materials.

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In this event, the player got the chance to meet many characters in a short time and a lot of players miss Venti the bard hope they add Venti in the next event.

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