Pity System Explained – How To Count Pity In Genshin Impact in 2022?

Count Pity In Genshin Impact

Genshin impact new patch has been launched and like every update, there are new events story is available. As the new 5-star character has been introduced in the new patch players are looking around for a way to get the player.

If you have ever played the game Genshin Impact you must have heard about the pity system or you are aware of the possibility of getting a legendary banner, today we are going to talk about everything related to that.

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Characters and Weapons in Genshin Impact:

In the game, Genshin impact players can select a total of 4 characters in a party at a time which players can add to the party in-game to fight and use their elementary skills. Genshin’s impact gives a few characters free in the game while continuing the story but mostly legendary weapons and characters are only get unlocked with the help of wishes. Each character can equip a weapon according to the weapon type.

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Are wishes Important in Genshin’s Impact?

In Genshin impact developer keeps adding strong characters and weapons in the game as the story develops further it is important to build a strong team and the top tear banner can be equipped by drawing a wish. Each wish is random and you can get anything in the banner as well. As wishes are the only way to get the banner of S tear it gets more important to drow and builds the character of your choice according to the enemy’s elementary requirement.

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Ways to get Genshin impact Wishes:

There are many ways to get wishes as wishes are one of the main ways to get new charter banners as well as weapons banners. Paimon’s Bargains – You can get a wish in the shop section using vouchers, there are mostly three main ways to get Intertwined fate which is a limited wish, and Acquaint fate a standard one.

  • Star glitter exchange using Masterless Stardust and per wise cost 5 Superior vouchers.
  • Stardust exchange using Masterless stardust and per wises cost 75 Common Voucher
  • Purchase using Primogems is an in-game currency and per wise costs 160 special currency to get the wish. You can get Primogems in the chest, event reword, and many other in-game rewards for doing the basic task.

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What is the pity system in Genshin Impact?

The pity system in Genshin Impact is a way to give surety to a player that they will get the legendary banner or a 5-star character or weapon in a certain draw. In each section of event wishes, there are different pity and you can check your possibility of getting the legendary banner by checking the history of the wishes drow.

There are two types of pity in Genshin’s impact:

  • 10 wishes system – In this system, Genshin promises players that if they draw 10 wishes together they will get the surety of getting one rare wish.
  • For the 5 star character or Wepone player have to draw a certain amount of draws, In Genshin if a character has drowned 85 wishes at a time and yet he does not receive any legendary character pity system promises the player they will get the 5 stars in next 40 drow so that means the player will get a surety of getting 5-star character or weapons in 90 wishes.
  • Excluding the pitty system, there is also a rate-up system in the game which increases the possibility of getting the main banner character weapons and character more chance of getting.
  • The pity system and Rate system are applicable in Character event wish, Character wishes event 2, weapon event wish, and standard wish.

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For the new player, there are 4 types of wishes banners available which change into 3 after the player used their first wishes drow in that event. In Genshin you can play whatever character you want to play only you have to do is claim that character and you can avail yourself of it for a lifetime.

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