How to Set Diamond Crosshair Valorant? Possibly the Best Settings!

Diamond Crosshair Valorant

Valorant has become a very popular game after its launch in 2020 and there are many players who have many questions related to the game. We are back with another valuable article where we are going to share about the diamond Crosshair in valorant. There are many professional players in the game since it is already one year old and there is one common trait between all the professional players that you find across the Battle royale and shooting games. The common trait found between the professional players is that they try to adjust and understand the sensitivity of the settings and customize them according to their own needs so that they have the perfect customization setting which suits them. This is yet another game where the players need to have the perfect setting according to them in order to have an amazing gameplay experience and also shoot down enemies with the best convenience without wasting much time. We are going to discuss diamond Crosshair in valorant. This tutorial includes how to form the diamond structure which best suits you.

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Why is it Important to have a Perfect Crosshair?

There are many players in the game that make a common mistake when they start playing. One of the most common mistakes is that they fail to understand the importance of crosshair. This is one of the most critical things to do when you start playing a shooting game or a Battle Royale. The reason is that having a perfect crosshair will help you to fire at the enemies with the most convenience. The player has the right to customize the inner linings of the scope so as to make a perfect angle for shooting. There is no particular perfect angle that suits all the players. It is important to have customized settings that suit your way of firing.

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This game also allows you to explore the different settings and set the inner line and according to your preference so that you can get the best angle and have the perfect shot at the enemy. The importance of headshot is well known in shooting games like Valorant. Having inaccurate headshot results in a negative bias because the enemy who has expertise in headshot can knock you down in a single shot. It requires a perfect grip over the Crosshair to make a perfect headshot.

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How to have a Good Diamond Crosshair?

We tried asking this question to many professional players in the game and also tried our best to find out the answer ourselves. We found that it is not possible to form a diamond-shaped crosshair diagonally. However, one can use the two inner linings and play with them to form the best angle using which they can have the best shot at the enemy. Valorant is one of those games that allows extreme customization of the settings so as to perfectly meet your needs and settings that help you to achieve the perfect rate of efficiency in the game. Hence, a player can himself play around with the settings and find the best angle after experimenting. But if you or someone who does not want to experiment much and straight away get to one of the best crosshairs, then we are going to put down the standard settings that we have discovered and suites the best of professional players.

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Diamond Crosshair in Valorant:

The following are the best settings that are used by us for forming a diamond-shaped crosshair.

  • Color: Our preference is Yellow, Green
  • Outlines: Off
  • Outline Opacity: 0
  • Outline Thickness: 6
  • Center Dot: Off
  • Center Dot Thickness: 1
  • Fade Crosshair With Firing Error: Off
  • Show Spectated Player’s
  • Crosshair: Off
  • Disable Crosshair: Off
  • Center Dot Opacity: 0.67

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The bigness can take help of the settings in order to reach the diamond-shaped and then accordingly customized as per their own need. Once you start playing the game with the settings that we have represented above, you will automatically understand what all you like and what all changes you need. This will help you to achieve the best shape that will suit your needs. So try this out today and get The diamond shape crosshair in your game.

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