Double Diamond Top-Up LOOT – 100% Bonus Diamond in Free Fire

Double Diamond Top-Up

Fire-Fire is becoming popular day by day due to which Garena is also trying its best to make players entertained by adding new updates and skins. As there are a lot of events and offers provided by the Garena many offers that are not genuine are also added by third-party users that deceive players and players end up wasting their money.

Today we are going to talk about the double diamond top-up offer which is getting popular recently and you gonna find out whether the offer is legit or fake.

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What is the Free Fire Double Diamond Offer?

As the game is becoming popular there are many lucrative offers available in the market in which some are officially offered by the Garena while others are from a different source. One of the offers is a double diamond which you can find on the internet. A lot of websites offer this offer in which they promise players an offer of double the amount of diamond at half price or little money.

Not everyone can afford money to spend on games but still, they look around the internet for a way to get them for free or cheap.

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What is a Diamond in the Game?

In the free fire, Diamonds are the currency by which you can able to purchase skins, characters, pets, and bundles. Like in Pubg the currency is UC just like that the basic currency of Free Fire is diamonds. Most in Free Fire you can only buy diamonds by purchasing with the help of real money.

You can buy the diamonds directly from the store and the average price of a diamond cost in the store for free fire is as follows:

  • NR 80 – 100 Diamonds.
  • INR 250 – 310 Diamonds.
  • INR 400 – 520 Diamonds.
  • INR 800 – 1060 Diamonds.
  • INR 1600 – 2180 Diamonds.
  • INR 4000 – 5600 Diamonds.

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Dose Double Diamonds Offer Legit or Fake?

To tell you the truth most of the website you found on the internet that promises double diamonds are fake and they just take your money. These types of websites offer players diamonds very cheap and a few websites also provide some people the offer to build the trust but the moment they get more requests for the top-up or more traffic and profit they stop giving diamonds and take your money and might close the website after that.

It is best not to trust such offers and keep saving the money so that you can buy what you want to buy in the game.

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How Can We Get the Double Diamonds?

Sometimes Garena also offers a 100% Bonus in the Diamond Top-Up in some events as well in which you can able to get double the number of diamonds but these kinds of offers are rare because these offers are only available in special offers only, so it is better to wait then regret later.

Some of the legit ways you can buy diamonds:

Weekly membership – Rupees 159 only:

Weekly membership plans offer members to claim 60 diamonds a day and in total 420 diamonds in a weak.

Monthly membership – Rupees 599 only:

Just like the weekly plan monthly plan also offers 60 diamonds daily and in total, you will earn 1900 diamonds a month.

You can claim both the weekly membership plan and the monthly plan together also and there are many others offered with them as well.

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Note: The best way to get the diamonds are from the official store of Garena so that your money is safe. Garena also provides a lot of offers in which you can get the diamonds very cheap so it is best not to trust a third-party website that cost you your money as well as time.

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