Is it Possible to Download 20 MB Free Fire APK?

Download 20 MB Free Fire APK

Free Fire has become one of the most popular as well as the most downloaded game in the past year. As the game gains more and more popularity lot of questions are starting to arise and one of the questions is – Is it even possible to download the 20 MB APK of free fire.

First, let’s know more about the game free fire:

Garena Free Fire is a very popular battle royal game that is launched on 23 August 2017 and shortly becoming more and more popular every year. The best part of the free fire is that it works easily in low specs mobile phones as well. Which makes the game more stable and easy to play the game.

The cool features which are added by free-fire developers make the game more and more fun every day, which makes the game gain a lot of support from the players as well.

Free Fire is one of the Pubg competitors and it is giving a tough fight.

Difference between Pubg and Free Fire:

As we all know both the games are a bit similar where 60 players land on an island where they play until the last player stand and the zone is keep shrinking until there is nowhere to go. There are different playing zones in both games too.

But the only difference in both the game is that Free fire is a more animated and more low-end game in comparison to pubg. Where in pubg the starting phase they tried to make the game a bit more realistic and the game require more phone space in comparison to free fire. Both the games are good on their own terms.

Why is there a need to Install the Free Fire 20MB Apk?

A lot of players looking for a way to install the games in less Mb as it saves the data as well as the mobile space. This can help save the space of the smartphone and from the start Garena’s Free Fire always want their game to be work on a low-end smartphone as well.

As the game is becoming more and more popular the developer trying their best to make the game more stable and more compatible with the mobile phone. Garena has launched a new free-fire update for low-end mobile players who can easily download the game in less space Apk directly from the google play store.

Reasons to Play Free Fire?

Free fire is much more stable and has an easy-to-use interface.  Free fire has over 80 million daily active player counts which means you will find fewer bots in the game.

Free fire is started getting more attention after Pubg got banned last year in India a lot of players started to play free fire and they started to like the game. Players are looking for a way to play the game even though the specs of the mobile are low.

Is it even possible to Download the Free Fire in 20Mb APK?

Have you ever wondered is it even possible to download the free fire APK of only 20MB?

Well technically No, At least till now no update makes the game APK to be of size 20 MB or less but the Garena free fire game developer is trying their best to make the game as compatible as possible.

Recently Garena free fire game developer launched a 52Mb APK in which the player can download the APK and OBB file separately and copy the OBB file and paste it into the – Android / OBB/ Garena Free Fire and then open the game and wait for the game to process it.

You can also ask your friend to share the game and do the same steps to install it.

so the best option is to make a space of around 700MB in your mobile phone then you can easily play the game and can able to download the game from any source.

Why play Free Fire?

In recent years free fire has gained massive player support and more and more players are joining the game from all over the world.

Free fire has launched a lot of cool things in the game and the developers of free fire are adding more and more stuff which makes the game more interesting to play.

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