How To Drop Weapons In Halo Infinite? Is it Faster Than Switching?

Drop Weapons In Halo Infinite

Games have been dominating the world for ages. People are more attracted to games than anything else, mostly youth. That is why the gaming industry is one of the rapidly growing industries in the world.  In the past, there were not so many games available to play. Games like Street Fighter, Mario, Contra, and some other games were available to play. Nowadays, there are uncountable games available in the gaming industry. Thousands of games are released every day and the games with better concepts enjoy early success. The gaming industry is more of a word-of-mouth industry, if the game is unique and exciting, more and more will be the word of mouth. Game developers are introducing many different concepts and elements in the game, making it more of a competitive and skill-needed platform.

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There are various concepts available in the gaming industry, be it zombies, Fighters, Thugs, Military, and Aliens. They have included it all in the games.

One of the best concepts is “Space”. Introducing aliens and alien-tech into the game makes it more interesting with the high-definition stunning graphics.  These kinds of graphics make us believe about life beyond our imagination, though this is not the reality of the outside world, still, the graphics are very realistic. One game similar to this kind is “HALO”, which is based on aliens and alien tech.

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HALO has been in the gaming industry for more than 18+ years and has released 20+ versions of the game till now. The latest release of HALO is “HALO INFINITE”. HALO INFINITE is a first-player perspective online shooter game. The game is filled with outer space technology and elements. This game has some new features for the “Master Chief”, which is the playable character. It is a multiplayer game and it has many modes available for the players to enjoy. This includes Capture the Flag, Team Death Match, 4 v/s 4, and Big Team Battles.

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To first understand the dynamics of the game, there are weapon drills as well as bot-practice games available to practice first properly. There are many changes available in this version of the HALO franchise like the Grapple Shot, which allows the character to pull himself close to the enemies or to pick up the items.  In HALO INFINITE, they have also introduced a “Weapon Drop” button. It is done for the first time in the history of HALO games.

But still, many gamers and users are confused regarding the change as it is very new and they do not have a proper idea how to drop the undesired weapon.

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So for clearing the confusion let’s put it into simpler terms and know HOW TO DROP WEAPONS IN HALO INFINITE?

To drop the weapon in HALO INFINITE, players will have to click on the right d-pad on their Xbox controllers. It is set to drop the weapon that the player is holding, either to change it for a more powerful weapon or to give the weapon to a friend who may not have one.

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In earlier HALO games the process was not that easy, to drop some weapon, they first need to look out for some other weapon for exchange, and sometimes it is a very painful process.

In these games, some weapons are available from the beginning and other weapons are available after a certain amount of time passes by. So, now HALO made it easy for their users to switch between different weapons, allowing them to use the weapon that they are comfortable with and leave the undesired weapon whenever they want.

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