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Fortnite 800 V Buck Skins: Top 8 Best Skins Can be Bought with 800 VBucks

Fortnite is having a massive collection of skins in the game. Some of them are normal, rare and some are even time-limited skins. Skins re-occur in the shop after a certain period of time and some skins are so rare that they are only available for just one time in the shop. There are variations or different styles of skins also which makes the game more interesting to play.

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But choosing a good quality skin with better features is a real deal. Also, the skins in Fortnite are very expensive and it’s very hard to choose the best suitable skin in fewer VBucks. So choosing a skin with medium price and good demand is quite a hassle and to solve this problem here is the list of Best Skins to buy with 800 VBucks:

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Best 800 V Buck Skins:

1. Aspen “Storm the Beaches”

Aspen is the part of Autumn Attack Set and it is a skin introduced in Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite. Her top is black in color with flaming red hot skill engraved on it. The bottom she wears has orange and yellow leaves in it. This reminds me of the fallen tree leaves in autumn making it a perfect piece to fit in the great autumn set. Overall the look of the skin is very bold and confident and it could be a great choice to buy as a new skin.

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2. Aura Analyzer “Master of the Metaphysical”

These skins are crossover Skins of Ghostbusters and Fortnite. The Skins comes under the category of Uncommon and was released in Chapter 2 Season 4. But the point is only the outfits are similar to the Ghostbusters movie and there is no facial similarity between the characters and actors of the movie. If there is no problem regarding the facial similarity then this bundle is good for you.

3. Babbit “That’s one MOD Hare”

Babbit looks like the modified version of Rabbit. It is a skin that costs 800 VBucks. The work of art is very smooth of this character and can easily come under the 1200 to 1500 VBucks category. The character is created with the top of orange color like a carrot with a symbol of carrot on the chest including a small backpack. And the hat is completely like a hare with two ears. And the lower portion of the character is covered in white skin-type leggings. There are 2 designs of the Babbit:
1- Default
2- Hood down

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4. Birdie “No Mulligans Required”

The birdie is a kind of sporty type skin in the game. The character is completely dressed as a female golf star with a golf club too. So for golf fans, this skin might catch up with their interest. The first appearance of the birdie was in season 8 and the price of the skin initially was 1200. She was also a Rare skin at her initial stage but as time passes she was downgraded to an uncommon one. And her price dropped down too from 1200 VBucks to 800 VBucks.

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5. Bullseye “I Never Miss”

Bullseye came out from the Bullseye set in Season 6 of the game. She is a very unique design that cannot be compared to any other design in the game. It comes in three other variants and there are chances of other variants to come. The most recent updated style of this skin is called “Tech” and it was released in Chapter 2 Season 4. To buy this item you will have to spend 800 VBucks and it can be purchased from the item shop in the game

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6. Crusher “Taking Down Hearts from Top Rope”

The crusher is very cool and one of the stylish sets in the game. The set is called the “Wild Heart Set”. The set includes two skins of Crusher and Ex, both of the designs are red and white in color. The color combination is made for the purpose of Valentine as the set was released in celebration of “Valentine’s Day.” The Crusher and Ex, both of the skins are in the Uncommon category, which means instead of buying 1 Epic skin players will be able to buy two skins based on the same theme on the price of 1. Both of the characters are for 800 VBucks each and you can buy them separately also.

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There are so many amazing skins in the game inside the category of 800 VBucks but you should buy only those skins which match your style and your gameplay type.

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