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Free Fire Advance Server Registration 2022: OB29 APK, Activation Code

Have you heard it yet about the Free fire advance server if not do not worry you will be covered in this post, Free fire advance server is a new testing ground in which you can register and can able to play the latest upcoming updates of free fire before their real release date.

Yes, you heard it right. If you want to play all the upcoming updates before the release date and want to earn the diamonds as well, continue reading it you will not gonna regret it.

What is a Free Fire Advance Server?

In a free fire advance server, you can able to play all the new upcoming updates which is not been released in the game yet and also be able to check out all the new features, skins, and events that are about to release.

What’s in Free Fire Advance Server for you?

Well, a lot of time players think – “What the use of playing the unreleased update neither you can able to save the progress in the main account after the official release”. Well, you can earn the diamonds and more exciting gifts by playing and finding the bugs which you can transfer to your main account. By doing so you can use it to upgrade your account and many more.

This is a great opportunity to get used to new updates so that you do not have any hard time playing the game when they will add in the real update.

You can also able to find out about the new character, new bundles, skins, and events as well.

How can you Register for the Free Fire Advance Server?

It’s not rocket science to register for the free fire advanced server. You can register in advance server in only three simple steps:

Steps to Register:

A lot of people have a query that they have filled the form but they have not yet received any code till now. For those players who have not yet received any code till now, you have to wait for the code as there are limited numbers of players who can join right now, and developers trying their best to include more players.

What’s New in the Free Fire Advance Server?

Right now new events are also going on in the advanced server which you can also enjoy while playing.

As of now for new players registration is already over and you can only able to join it if you have already registered it and you got the code. For those who have received the code, I would suggest the players enjoy the advanced server as it is live now and got the chance to earn the diamonds and for the player who is still waiting for the code or can not able to register it do not worry there gonna be big news soon as well and we will let you know first about it.

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