Free Fire Lost guest Account Support: Trick to Recover it [2022]

Free Fire Lost guest Account Support

A lot of time you play a game in a guest account of free fire but you ended up getting something legendary. Which makes you want to save the progress of the guest account as well.

And you wanted your guest account to convert into a new one.

A lot of time the new and the old player do the same and want to try like a newbie.

What is a Guest account?

As the name suggests guest, A guest account is a temporary account, and One of the options in the free-fire game. Which is available on the login page. A guest account is usually used by a new player who wanted to try the game without linking it to their login details.

A guest account is like a demo account in which you can play and able to check the feature which is available in the game.

The best part of a guest account is that you can make a fresh start without any id and you do not have to worry about making any mistakes as the account is not saved on the server.

Types of the Login:

There are many ways in Free Fire by which you can log in. You can log in to the game properly by connecting the game with your social media account like Facebook, Twitter. You can also use a Gmail account or a guest account, like a temporary account whose data is usually saved on your mobile, not in the game server.

The moment you lost your mobile or the data in your mobile you lost all the progress of the guest account.

Why use a guest account?

Usually, a Guest account is used by the new player who wants to try the game first to check whether it is of their liking or not.

In a guest account, you can play the game and try the features available in the game to decide whether you like it or not.

How to create a guest account?

When you open the game free fire there are two options at the time of login page:

  1. There is an option of signing with Facebook or Guest or (more option) you have to select Guest then enter.
  2. Then you can choose the experience level that helps you in-game later.
  3. Then you can choose the name you want to make an account with.
  4. You will directly land on a battlefield and play your first game then you can check out all the features available in Free Fire.

How to Recover your Guest account?

Free Fire guest Account Recovery

As per player request, Free fire recently added a new option by which players got the chance to recover their old Guest accounts.

1. The first way to recover it:

When you open a game free fire at the time of login there comes a popup to Recover Guest account in which it is mentioned that:

(If you would like to recover a previous guest account that was lost due to the android system upgrade, please click recover. If not, please click create.)

When you click on recover your old account got recovered again.

2. In easy three-step, you can recover the guest account:

  • Step 1: You can also recover the user guest account manually, First open the game menu you have to open the setting.
  • Step 2: On-basic section in the end there is an option of recovering the guest account.
  • Step 3: Setting > Basic
  • Step 4: Click on recover and your account will be recovered.

How to Link your Guest account with your account?

  • Step 1: To link your guest account you have to open the game lobby click on setting
  • Step 2: Click on basic the first option is ACCOUNT where it is mentioned (The status shows No account linked)
  • Step 3: There is an option down below in which you have to choose and click according to your preference.
  • Step 4: When you click on any mode you have to give permission to Garena Free Fire to access your account then your account will get liked and you can easily open the next time with the help of that account as well.

Please note that Guest account data is saved in the mobile Phone memory not in the game server if the data got deleted anyhow you can not able to recover it until you have liked it with some account.

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