Is Free Fire Max also Banned in India with BGMI Or Not?

Is Free Fire Max also Banned in India

Free Fire is a game for adventure lovers. This kind of game requires skills and attention in the game. Free Fire is globally famous and there are a lot of users who are playing Free Fire on a daily basis. Free had a lot of fanbase in India too, from young to small kids, it is a very popular game. In India, it ranks on the most installed game from the play store. The game is a very action-packed and strategic type and that is the reason it is so popular among kids and adults. The game was created by 111 Dots Studio, which is a Singaporean Company and the publishing was done by Garena, a Vietnamese Company.

But during the lockdown period, many games and applications were taken down by the Indian Government. The reason behind the takedown is due to a very critical relationship with China and the Indian Government has banned almost all the apps that have China’s interference or engagement to it. These are banned due to national security purposes and rumors are that the companies are sharing the intel of the youths of India to China, which could impose a great threat in the future. So the ban is the right decision.

Though this decision was not accepted that well by the gaming and content creator community as two of the most popular apps were banned called PUBG and TikTok. These apps have given fame and the starlight to some people, so their fandom and community do not support this ban.

Alongside Pubg and TikTok, Garena Free Fire is banned too, so there is not much action left in the mobile games and the gaming community is very depressed too. But to the relief of the gaming community, for Pubg lovers, there is an Indian Version of Pubg introduced which is BGMI and for free fire lovers there is a better alternative present which is Free Fire Max.

Difference between Free Fire and Free Fire Max?

As the name says it out loud, Free Fire Max is the better version of Free Fire. They have enhanced the graphics to the next level and you will be able to see the notable difference between the two of them.

The graphics quality and the controls are much smoother and quicker in the Free Fire Max which makes Free Fire Max an upgraded version of Free Fire. But with the upgrades the drawback is, it will require more system storage to run perfectly, and also the size of the game is also increased.

Free fire Max size is 960 MB on the Play store and 1.7 GB on the App Store. Whereas the free fire is 750 MB in the Play store and around 2 GB  in the App Store.

The major difference is that free fire could work on low-end devices pretty well but that is not the case with Free Fire Max. It will need some requirements to run properly onto your mobile.

This is the major difference between the Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

People are also confused that both the games are from the same company. Majorly the game Garena Free Fire is banned because there are some connections between Tencent with the Garena company and Tencent is a Chinese company and that is why the Indian Govt. Are not allowing China-related games to play in India.

The crowd of Garena Free Fire moved to Garena Free Fire Max. Though Garena Free Fire Max parent company and backup companies are the same as Garena Free Fire it is not yet prohibited in India to play. It is available in the Play Store and already has millions of downloads.

Though being funded by the same companies, Garena Free Fire Max is not prohibited currently. It is possible that it could be taken down from Play Store in the future. That is why One application is taken down by the Indian Government and similar another is not prohibited. Also, the game is taken down from Apple App Store as Krafton filed a lawsuit against the Garena Free Fire for replicating the elements and designs of the PUBG.

You can anytime enjoy the fun of Garena Free Fire Max by just downloading the application from the just play store and can feed the hunger of action inside you.

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