Free Fire Max OB33 Update, New Features, APK Download 2022

Free Fire Max OB33 Update

On 23rd march 2022, Free Fire made the update HEROES ARISE live for all the players in which they have added a lot of changes to the game. Free Fire Max OB33 update is one of the big updates after the announcement of the Free fire Ban in India. In the new Free Fire Max OB33 update, Garena made a lot of changes like they have introduced a new report system as well as a new way to unlock all the players without the use of diamonds.

Gaming Environment:

Garena has done three main game environment improvements which they have added a credit system and some new updates in the report system.

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Credit System:

In the new credit system, Free fire has been added in which they will reword the player who is good at helping other players and will punish the player who quit the game frequently or abuse other players will get minus points.

  • If the player scores good points in this system will get a reward or gift.
  • If a player is not good to other players and is kept reported for bad behavior will get a deduction of 1-4 points. A lower score or less than 90 points gave the player a ban in CS and less than 80 points gave a player a ban in BR ranked game.
  • Good behavior will give the player plus points of around 1-2 per game.
  • If a player gets banned due to low points player can earn points by giving good behavior in the next matches.

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Report system improvement and Game voice chat reporting feature:

Garena has added two new features the first new report system in which you can check the status of your report request. The other is a voice chat report feature in which if any player is found guilty of verbal abuse they will get the punishment of mute as well as credit score reduction.

New System of getting free character system:

If you have ever played Valorant you can easily understand the system in which you have to select one player which you want to unlock, to unlock the player after linking or selecting it you have to complete the task or points to unlock the character.

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For example, if you want to unlock Dasha first you have to link it to unlock it you have to earn 13500 link points the moment you earn 13500 points you can able to play Dasha.

  • You can only link one character at a time.
  • Free fire has also reduced the cost to unlock the character as well as the skill slots.

New Character – KENTA

Kenta is the new player introduced in the new update of Free Fire Max OB33. Kenta is the shield of the team and also a front-line fighter character.

  • Ability – When Kenta activates her skill Swordsman’s Wrath it crate shield if teammates are behind the sheld they will also get benefits for that and it is a good way to run from heavy fire.
  • A shield width of 5m reduces half the weapon damage coming from the enemy team.
  •  Lasts 2/3/3.5/4/4.5/5s and the Cooldown rate drops in this manner: 210/200/190/180/170/160s

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Weapon Adjustments:

In this update, Garena has shared the range adjustment list to let the player know what weapon to choose in which certain conditions.

  • M4A1: Effective range reduce to -4%
  • SCAR: Effective range increase to +5%
  • M249: Effective range reduce to -3%
  • FAMAS: Effective range reduce to -2%
  • XM8: Effective range increase to +5%
  • AN94: Effective range increase to +4%
  • AUG: Effective range increase to +6%
  • PARAFAL: Effective range increse to +5%
  • Kar98k: Gun switch time increase to +20%
  • UMP: Effective range reduce to -3%, movement speed when firing -10%, and stability -7% also got reduced.
  • MP5: Effective range reduce to -10%and damage increases to +10%,
  • VSS: Effective range reduce to -15%
  • MP40:Stability +15%, movement speed when carrying +15%, and movement speed when firing +10% got increased.
  • Thompson: Effective range reduces to -3%
  • Mini Uzi: Effective range reduce to -8%
  • MAC10: Effective range reduce to -4%
  • M1014: Effective range reduce to -16% and reload speed increase up to +30%
  • M1873: Effective range reduce to -15%
  • SPAS12: Effective range reduce to -8%and reload speed increased to +10%
  • M1887: Effective range got reduced to -12%, damage +8%, and movement speed when carrying +5% got increased
  • MAG-7: Effective range got reduced to -15%, damage +4%, stability +10% got increased
  • Charge Buster: Effective range got reduced to -10%, damage +5% got increased
  • M1887-X: Added new muzzle accessory slots

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New weapon G36:

The new weapon G39 has been introduced in which you can switch between balanced mode or assault mode.

 Assault Stats:

  •     Base Damage: 26
  •     Rate of Fire: 0.096
  •     Magazine: 30

Range Stats:

  •     Base Damage: 33
  •     Rate of Fire: 0.15
  •     Magazine: 30

There are many other small changes and character nerfs included as well.

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