Free Fire Richest Noob: Who is this Pro Player in the World [All Detail]

Richest Noob in Free Fire

Free Fire is an amazing Battle Royale Game that is based out of Singapore. The free fire did not gain much popularity in India until 2020. It has been a top contender of games like player underground battleground and Fortnite in the Global Battle Royale Gaming Market. However, we all know that Player Underground Battleground has been a clear winner and has had a huge fan base in the Indian market ever since it was launched. Pubg was banned in India in 2020 and this led to a huge shift in the gaming industry and all the players kept searching for new Battle royale games. The free fire was obviously the best alternative for substitute of pubg in India and this is the reason why most players flocked to free fire. It gave wings to many YouTubers and Gaming Streamers and Free Fire Richest Noob is one of them. If you are a Free Fire player and you love to remain updated with the latest trends and updates about the game, then we are going to tell you something very interesting in this article.

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Who is Free Fire Richest Noob?

Lokesh Raj Singh

You must be knowing that there are thousands of YouTubers and gaming streamers who have been instrumental players in underground battleground games. All these players have a huge fan base because of their amazing gameplay or commentary. Similarly, when Pubg was banned many YouTubers shifted to the new game and Free Fire streamers became very popular. A guy from Hyderabad, name Lokesh Raj Singh suddenly became one of the most viral sensations of the Free Fire game. Lokesh has been streaming free fire gameplay since 2020 and he has gained a lot of fanbase in recent years because of his unique gameplay strategy. He is popularly known for his high-risk game and tactics where he goes all in without thinking twice and is able to knock down enemies or is killed himself. The audience has loved the way he takes a high risk and goes all in to the battle to counter the enemies without thinking twice. This has led to the audience giving him the title of the “Richest Noob in Free Fire”. He has a great YouTube fan base and this has led to him being known as one of the richest gaming YouTubers. The name of his YouTube channel is not Lokesh Raj Singh but Lokesh gamer. So if you did not know about the richest no of free fire then you can surely go to his YouTube channel Lokesh game and see the gameplay because of which he is popular.

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Personal Life Details of Lokesh Gamer:

As we have said earlier, Lokesh Raj Singh is born and brought up in Hyderabad. He is 175 m tall and has a weight of 56 kg. The game currently resides in Hyderabad itself from where his dreams have come along with his girlfriend. Nikita helps Lokesh with all the streaming and back and work for YouTube and also runs a YouTube channel. He is unmarried and is one of the most successful YouTubers of India. Lokesh gamer’s YouTube channel has more than 12.5 million subscribers and this has put him in the list of the top 100 most subscribed Indian YouTube channels. The estimated revenue generated by the free fire richest no from YouTube itself is $3 million a year. You can imagine that this is one of the highest earnings for a YouTuber. So next time someone says that there is no scope of a career or link from gaming when you can surely give them the example of Lokesh game of who is the Richest Noob in Free Fire and how he has maintained crores every year from his gaming skills.

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How did he become the Richest Noob of Free Fire?

Lokesh uploaded it has first Free Fire Gaming Streaming Video on YouTube in 2019. All the users absolutely loved the way he played the game and his who started gaining a lot of attention. However, he did not have a huge subscriber base or views when it was in the initial days. Every YouTube can relate to the early day’s struggles because of the algorithm and limited reach. The ban of pubg changed fortunes for the richest no free fire and this is one event that made him absolutely popular and a Crorepati.

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