Trick to Complete Free Fire Shooters Ville Event 2022 – Get Free FFWS Headgear


Free Fire Shooters Ville Event 2022

Garena Free Fire is one of the best esport games and players really trust the game and enjoy playing it. To keep the game exciting the developers usually launch new events in their game as it increases the player’s interest. Just like the other events Garena free fire has introduced a new event called the free fire Shooters Ville event which is said to be a part of the FFWS that is free fire World Series 2022. As we all know that before any big or major event takes place free fire usually launches some smaller kind of an event or tournament just like this free fire Shooters Ville event. This event started on the 11th of May 2022 and will be available for the players till the 24th of May 2022. All the players who are looking forward should quickly invest and grab this opportunity before the 24th of May is over and the event comes to an end. The players simply just need to play this event in order to collect the exciting exclusive rewards that are to be gained by completing all the missions that are set in this event.

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As it was even said by the free fire on their official Instagram page that it is a new mini-game and to enjoy its amazing rewards players just simply need to complete the mission and roll the dice. But it is even not as easy as it seems as in order to be a part of this event there are further few steps that the players need to follow in order to obtain this amazing reward. They need to get themselves registered to be a part of this Shooters Ville event. The players should try their best to get themselves registered and complete the given tasks before the 24th of May 2022 before the Shooters Ville event runs out of time.

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The steps that the players need to follow are given below. Each player should follow the steps in the given manner to register themselves and be a part of this event.

  1. Step One: All the players need to complete the daily missions to get the dice.
  2. Step Two: Now players need to roll the dice in order to gain the village tokens.
  3. Step Three: Players now need to use the village tokens on to win the level of the buildings.
  4. Step Four: Once the player has successfully leveled up their village the players will win these exclusive rewards.

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These are the four simple steps that players need to follow to get amazing rewards. In order to gain these dice even before entering the Shooters Ville event, the players will get easy access to some dice that they can roll. After they use these dices and once they have rolled them after that players will need to perform some daily quizzes to gain more number of dices and roll them. To get these dices and their roll the players simply need to go to the bottom of the event and over there they need to click on the objective icon. Once they have clicked the objective icon the daily quest will display on this device.

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However, till now there is no information regarding exactly what will be available in these amazing rewards as it can be either a loot box or maybe any skin from the event but till now there is no confirmation of the reward list these are only the assumptions. There can even be a great surprise for the players so they should surely be a part of this Shooters Ville event to gain the amazing reward as only then will they be able to know what is available in the reward by the free fire. It is expected to be a great surprise as free fire has never been a disappointment while giving rewards. Currently, the players have time to complete the mission as the last date till now is the 24th of May 2022 as after that this event won’t be available and the players won’t be able to gain this exclusive reward.

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