Earn Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds on Woo7.In: Is it Legit?

Unlimited Diamonds on Woo7.In

Once in a while when we play any battle royale game we think about the legendary stuff which is not of or leagues due to our financial condition or we can not afford that much amount. In free fire as well developers keep updating new skins and packs in every update and patch which is very tempting and to make it up with the game we tried to find the alternative of it which leads us to a website like woo7.in

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There are many mods and websites in the online platform if you search them that promises player the services for free which is not available in Garena free fire, most of them are click bate and you just end up wasting your time.

What is Woo7.in?


Woo7.in is a blogging website which is also known as Play Baaz that normally gives the news of esports. But Woo7.in also has an option on the website which is only available for the free fire player, which promises players unlimited diamonds and giveaways. There are many websites like woo7.in on the internet that promises many things for free to players. Let’s talk about whether it is legit or not.

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Is Woo7.in (PlayBaaz) Safe and Legit?

After checking out the website woo7.in there are many things in it that are true and many things are fake let’s talk about both one by one.

  • In woo7.in you can mostly get the news of both free fire and Pubg mobile, most of them are related to the latest trend and are about the game.
  • In woo7.in there is some option that gives the player and viewers the wrong information which does not look relatable at all, there is a lot of fake news available on the website which is related to how to claim free diamonds in free fire and free skins and passes.

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Woo7.in Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds:

If you play free fire a lot you must have heard about woo7.in, woo7.in promises player free unlimited diamond in the game free fire which is the currency of the game. As most of these kinds of applications and websites are fake just like that w007.in is also one of them. Most of the time these types of tricks are just to click bate the viewers in order to gain the viewers.

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How Woo7.in Tricking the Players?

There are many mods and free diamonds options available on the website which promises players unlimited diamonds and giveaways in order to claim them Play Baaz request player to subscribe there chanal and like their videos and after that, it told players to watch some of the videos of the chanal and like them. Then in the third step, it told players to join their telegram channel.

Even after all these steps, there is no surety that you will get the mod or the giveaway as this is the only trick in order to clickbait the players.

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Some of the Legal Ways to Get Legendary Skins and Packs:

There are many legit ways by which a free-fire player can easily get skins and diamonds for free and all these tricks are legal in the game.

  • You can take parts in tournaments that give gifts to the players who survive the last zone.
  • You can also take part in giving away and by using promo codes as well you can easily get the cosmetic that is available in the game.

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We always recommend players not to try these kinds of third-party tricks as they may cost you your main account. In youtube and other social media platforms as well you easily find people claiming that get free unlimited diamonds. But have you ever tried any of them yet and what do you think about these click baits.

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