[TRICK] How To Get Evo Guns In Free Fire?

How To Get Evo Guns In Free Fire

Free Fire is an online MOBA game that is very popular among the youth in the whole world. It has 60 lakhs+ downloads in the play store and it provides the gaming stage to millions of audiences every day. It has a variety of characters, emotes, and a large arsenal of weapons and armor inside the game. In the free fire game, you have to survive till the end with a perfect combination of offense and defense and at last, take the “Booyah!” for the Last Man Standing. There are varieties of guns present in the game but there are some other weapons too in the game which are awesome. These weapons are called “Evo Guns”. Evo Guns are the Evolution Guns which are a special set of extremely rare guns available inside the game.

The weapon system in Garena Free Fire is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Armory
  2. Evo Guns

Armory is the regular gun that can be brought from the in-game store of Free Fire with the exchange of diamonds. These can be bought any time whenever you have sufficient diamonds to buy these guns.

On the other hand, Evo Guns are the special category of Guns that can only be obtained through special events. All the Evolution Guns are released at the time of Spin events in the game. This Spin event is a big spinning wheel that contains a special Evo Gun. These can be equipped by making rounds at the Spin event. There is no certainty that you will get these guns in just a couple of rounds, you will need hardcore luck for that. Each round of Spin will cost a certain amount of diamonds. You will need at least 1080 diamonds to get your hands on your favorite Evo Gun.

Free Evo Guns In Free Fire

Now that you got your desired Evo Gun, there is more to it. The normal Evo Gun is not good enough because it can be upgraded, and at one moment of the game, you will be needed to upgrade it. To get the best out of your Evo Gun, it needs to be upgraded to higher levels. The upgrading of these special guns could be worth a fortune and it can take around 10,000 diamonds to upgrade these weapons at their fullest.

There are also cool skins available with these Evo Guns, you can make them more action-packed and stylish by using these skins. Evo Gun Skins are no ordinary skins, these are special skins made for special weapons. These sins can be upgraded through special tokens in the Free Fire.

Here is the whole process in step by step manner for you, so you can equip the Evo Gun and use it on your next game:

  • Launch the Game.
  • On the left side of the screen, there will be a “Weapons” tab available.
  • Inside the weapons tab, there will be two options – Armory and Evo Guns.
  • Click on the Evo Guns section and look out for the guns that you have unlocked so far.
  • Select your favorite Evo Gun and enjoy your next match with your favorite gun.

Evo guns are very stylish and the coolest looking guns in the game but these are also very expensive and use a lot of diamonds in the game. So spend your diamonds wisely and enjoy ruling the game with your favorite gun.

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