How do you get the Chrono Shield in Free Fire?

get the Chrono Shield in Free Fire

Free fire has launched many characters with numerous amount of features and skills available in each character making them unique but there has never been any character that could provide the facility with a shield. Recently with the collaboration with one of the greatest football players Cristiano Ronaldo a new character was launched named as Chrono. This was the first time when Cristiano Ronaldo collaborated with the free fire and in his honor, only this new character Chrono was launched giving him really high powers and abilities which is not available in any other character. There was a free fire event Chrono CR7 which is now over. Many characters previously were launched which used to provide the features like having healing power but no character is there which could provide a Chrono shield skilled that could easily protect the players.

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Chrono was a new character whose main skill and one of the most special features was that it has a shield skill. This special feature is known as a time turner. Time turner is a real special skill and once this time turn is activated it helps the player to create a shield around them. This shit is really powerful and helps to block up to 600 damages that can be caused by the enemies. One advantage is this also that the players can easily shoot the enemies from inside the Chrono shield.

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Usually, the cooling down of this shield dome is of 50 seconds. usually, the speed of the players also increases by 15% and 10% for the allice, and its effect last for 4 seconds. Once the Chrono is full then his movement speed will increase by approximately 30% while that of the allice will be increased by 15% and only 9 seconds will it affect the ability to be there. The cooling down of the shield dome will take a time of 40 seconds.

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When the event was active then the players could easily purchase the Chrono character for a top-up of hundred diamonds but now as we know the event has already been ended the players can still easily purchase the Chrono character but the price of it has increased. The players can easily buy this character by the purchase of bundles as in this way not only the Chrono character but also many other exclusive items along with can be purchased by the player. There is even a package bundle available for the players to purchase in the in the games store. The bundle includes Chronos shield skill and is available for around 2750 diamonds. If players do not want to spend so high amount then in that case they can wait for the same offer again or for any new special event. Once the main event was over the price was raised to only 599 diamonds for the Chrono character and it is expected that this offer might come again. Players can even get the Chrono shield skill if they’re lucky enough by just playing the spin the bundle game which is for approximately 20 diamonds per round. Or simply the players can just directly go to the in-game store and purchase the character directly from there and whatever amount of diamonds it is available.

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The Chrono character is of a real advantage as it helps the player by blocking the damage of 600 from the enemies and by creating a force shield. This is a very unique feature As it creates an instant shelter for the player as under the shelter the players can easily shoot their enemy causing the player to be protected and the enemy to get shot by the player. Allice inside the Chrono shield is also getting a higher movement speed which usually causes benefits during the squid rush or ambush etc.  This Chrono shield even helps the players to directly rush into the players and without any problem as they are being protected by the Chrono shield and they can easily play without losing any HP. One of the major benefits is that while using the time turner the players can easily revive their teammates if any of the team it has been knockdown or short intensity by their enemy.

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