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Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Where is the High Cliffs Biome?

The gaming industry is taking off to push its limits even further. Hence to beat the competition every game is trying to steal the show with its new ideas and concepts. The more the user loves the idea the more it will blow up the internet. All the games on the internet need proper planning and strategy to build their brand in the industry.

Games have changed a lot in past years, they are exceeding every limit to reach out to their audience and stand out from the rest of their competitors. It is compulsory for every game to have better changes or updates in their games from time to time because the world is advancing too fast and to catch up with that we all have to work faster and better.

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So, every game is upgrading in its own way and introducing much great quality new content. Similarly, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is also improvising, working on its flaws, and bringing out new and fun changes to the game.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a single-player as well as a multiplayer game in which a player has to solve the missions and earn rewards. These missions are different from each other as well as the threat level on each mission is very different from the other. The mission can include killing or rescuing the objective and providing it to the task giver.

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The missions are changed every time you solve a previous mission in the game. Sometimes the missions are easy other times they are not. Every time you are completing the mission the gameplay should be tactical and not based on Gun-Power because the enemies are spread in the game and if you make haste in the game then you are going to lose absolutely.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint High Cliffs Biome:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint map is properly managed and it covers every element like land, water, and snow. But there are some places in the game that is not that easily reachable. One of the example of these places could be High Cliffs. And there is also a mission related to the High Cliffs that is Ghost Recon Breakpoint High Cliffs Biome.

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Biome means the area which is naturally covered by a community of flora and fauna. In Ghost Recon Breakpoint High Cliffs Biome there is a side mission which is “Natural Medicine”.

The mission is given by two scientists and they want you to complete the task of finding 5 Dead Stars (Flowers in the game) and refrigerated ingredients. Before this mission firstly you have to find these two scientists.
You can go to Infinity Province and there you go to Alpha Centauri Residences.

As the name refers to the location of finding these dead stars is the “High Cliffs”. In the bottom right corner of the map, you will be able to see the location of the Provinces in the game.

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One of the High Cliffs locations is found in the region of the Wild Coast. There in the region, you have to look around for a bit and then you will be able to find these Dead Stars easily. The virtual look of these dead stars is like “Yellow Mushrooms”.

Then after finding the location of the Dead Stars, capture it and take it back to the scientists. After that, they will ask you to collect some Refrigerated Bacteria Culture.

To collect these Refrigerated Bacteria there is a place called New Agryll in the game, the bacteria could be found in the Cold Storage Center of the New Agryll. The Cold Storage Center is highly guarded with Sentinel guards.
Players have to counter all these guards and then steal the truck in the facility. All the Refrigerated items are hidden inside the truck.

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After capturing the truck, players have to move it to the scientist’s location which is Alpha Centauri Residences which is around 1.2 km away from the Cold Storage Center.
When reaching the Alpha Centauri Residences, players have to park the truck in the given spot and then chat with the scientists.

It is a time-limited mission and the players get 3 minutes to complete the task. After completing all these steps the mission ends here and the players have successfully completed the “Ghost Recon Breakpoint High Cliffs Biome” mission.

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