[SOLVED] How to Solve Ghost Recon Breakpoint Keeps Crashing Error 2022?

Solve Ghost Recon Breakpoint Keeps Crashing

In all online games, there are some features that are very much exceptional from the others. Games always look out to entertain their user community with something new in the game. That is why all the games always lookout for something new to introduce in the game. But sometimes due to these updates, there are chances of getting bugs in the game. These bugs can cause malfunctioning in the games and could introduce different kinds of glitches or lags.

Apart from the bugs, there could be many more problems occurring in the game like the crashing of the game or disconnection from the server. Nowadays the Ghost Recon Breakpoint users community is facing these two challenges a lot more.

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So, let’s see:

What can we do if the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Game is Crashing?

fix Ghost Recon Breakpoint crashing

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Crashing gives a lot of frustration, especially when you are having a bad day and trying to get some good gaming time. Nobody likes game crashing and the users are always lookout for a way to solve this problem.

So some users fixed the crashing of Ghost Recon Breakpoint just by reinstalling the game. You can uninstall it in the Ubisoft Launcher and then install it in the launcher again to see if it is working properly or not.

Here is the step to step guide to solve the Crashing Problem of Ghost Recon Breakpoint:

1. DataPC_TGT_WorldMap.forge:

DataPC_TGT_WorldMap.forge could cause the crashing problem of the game. It is a leftover file and totally useless from Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta. Deleting this file might help in solving the issue as it is of no use, so there is no harm in deleting it. To delete it go to
File Manager > Ghost Recon Breakpoint installation folder > DataPC_TGT_WorldMap.forge file > Delete.
Remember not to delete any other file.

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2. Install the latest game patches:

The Ubisoft team keeps working on the updates and patches and releases them from time to time. If you counter an issue in the game, you’d better need to check for the recently available updates and you need to download and install them properly. If this couldn’t help either then move on to the next method.

3. Verify the Integrity of game files:

Check for the missing or corrupted game files as they could be the reason for the early crashing of the game. It’s a good thing that Ubisoft and Epic Games Launcher provide the option to verify the game files within the client.

For Epic Games Launcher:

  • Open the Launcher
  • Head towards the Library section
  • Click the three dots icon for Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • Pop up will rise and select “Verify”

The verification process could take several minutes to check all the files and once it is complete you can re-launch your game again to see any progress.

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For Ubisoft Connect:

  • In Ubisoft Connect, click on the category of games to check out all the installed games.
  • Then there will be a downward triangle button on your Ghost Recon Breakpoint game option
  • Choose “Verify Files” which comes in the Pop-Up menu
  • Wait for all the verification to be done and then Re-launch the game.

4. Update your Graphics Card Driver:

An outdated Graphics Card driver could be the reason for Crashing the game. If the driver is Corrupted, the result could be the same. For that, you can install the updated driver software.

Follow these steps to update your card’s driver:

  • Click on the start button and select the Device Manager
  • Head towards Double adapters and double tap on it.
  • Your graphic card will show up, right-click on it and choose Update Driver.
  • Choose “Search automatically for updated driver software”
  • There will be some instructions given on the screen, follow them properly.

When the latest driver installation process is completed, restart the computer and Launch the Ghost Recon Breakpoint, to check the problem has been solved or not.

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5. Reinstall the Game ( Ghost Recon Breakpoint):

Some users simply dealt with the Crashing by just Reinstalling the Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

If all of the above solutions are not working then you have to finally go for this. Un-installation can be done in Epic Games Launcher, Ubisoft Connect, or Control Panel.

Re-download the Ghost Recon Breakpoint to check the working of the game now.

These are all possible steps that you can try to solve the Crashing problem occurring with Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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These are the most possible situations that can cause the crashing of the game, and it worked for a lot of users. If none of them will help then you can verify it with some technician.

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