Ghost Recon Wildlands – Where to Find The Best Sniper Scopes?

Ghost Recon Wildlands Best Sniper Scope 2022

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is a Third-Person military shooting game. The series contains the player in charge of the fictional squad of the U.S. Armed Forces. The player carries out missions like a real armed soldier specially trained for certain operations that are highly classified. These soldiers are assigned different designations like the real world and are also known as GST (Group for specialized tactics).

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is the 10 installment in the Ghost Recon series. The game is developed by the Ubisoft Paris and Ubisoft Milan team. The final game is published by Ubisoft. The worldwide release of the game was on March 7, 2017.

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Ubisoft company has declared it as one of the biggest Open World Games in the Ghost Recon Series. It includes a wide variety of environments like Forests, Mountains, deserts, and Salt Flats. It is a single and multiplayer mode game. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a sequel to Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Ghost Recon Wildlands contains a series of missions carried out by the player in solo or squad mode. These missions contain different tactics and different threats. To carry out a mission successfully, one should know when to wait and when to attack. Also, the range of attack matters in the game because no one wants to be surrounded by enemies and get killed in the game.

To avoid this kind of situation, the player is equipped with surveillance drones and snipers to snipe out the enemies that are difficult to reach or can cause a serious threat to the mission. Snipers can take out enemies from a very long-range distance so that the position of the player stays hidden.

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Snipers are a deadly weapon in themselves with the ability to kill a person from a very far distance but it even becomes more deadly with the right Sniper Scope. As the Ghost Recon Wildlands is an Open World Game, these scopes are spread all around the map and players have to go through some specific locations to find out these scopes. So, let’s see the types of scope in Ghost Recon Wildlands and its location-

Sniper Scopes and Location:

ghost recon wildlands

1. ACOG (4x Scope):

ACOG-4X Scope is a pre-equipped scope that comes with the Sniper Rifle. Once you find your first sniper rifle, it will be given pre-attached to it. The quality of the scope is not that good and players don’t seem to often use it. The range of this scope also doesn’t seem to relate to the 4x zoom quality.

2. 2.5 to 3.5x Sniper Scope:

The 2.5-3.5x Scope is a digital Sniper Scope and it is a lot better than the ACOG-4x Scope because you can adjust the variability of the zoom-in in this scope.

Location: The location of the scope is on the lower side of Monte Puncu. The scope is located on the top of the mountain where there is an Airport Runway. You have to go all the way down on the runway and the scope will be sitting on the crates nearby the sandbag barricade.

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3. PKS (07-4.5x Scope):

The PKS-07 Scope gives the range of 4.5x zoom which is quite good in the game. It gives a proper wide and clear vision in the given range.

Location: The location of this scope is in San Mateo. It lies in the top right corner of the San Mateo area on the Map. The specific location is the Northern-end of San Mateo on the Gas Station Checkpoint. Inside the right Guard Shack on top of the shelf.

4. POSP Scope (4-5x Scope)

The POSP scope provides the variability of zoom between 4x to 5x. It is also a very reliable Sniper Scope.

Location: The location of the Sniper Scope is in Koani. Koani is the desert region on the map and the scope lies in the southern region of Koani. The scope is located at the Gas Station checkpoint, right by the guard shack. The scope is lying outside the guard shack on a concrete block. Unblocked Games: 7 Step Easy Download and Play!!

5. G-28 (5x Scope-Red dot Scope):

This is a pretty decent scope with the ability to switch between Red dot and 5x. It helps in a situation when you are aiming at long-range enemies and some enemies rush in nearby. The scope provides a smooth switch between the

Red Dot and 5x Scope. Really versatile and fun scope to use depending on the situation.

Location: The Scope is located in Inca Camina. The scope is located in the Archaeological site in Inca Camina. The place is secured by the normal guards and the Sniper Scope is inside the shack nearby the site and placed on top of the file cabinet.

6. T5X1 tactical (6x Scope):

It is the highest-powered Scope in the game and it provides a 6x zoom. It is the best Long-Range Scope you can find in the game.

Location: The Sniper Scope is located in Koani, the desert region. There will be a mine in the Koani region, in the northern side of mine, there will be shipping containers placed on top of each other. It is placed in an open shipping container.

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So these are the intel about the Scopes from where you can gather these scopes and how much they are useful to you. The difference in these scopes is made to use them for different purposes. Choose the best Sniper Scope according to your needs and increase the count of headshots in the game.

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