[Discounted] How To Get Jazz Pants In Garena Free Fire In 2022?

Get Jazz Pants In Garena Free Fire

In Garena free fire there are many different skins available in the game. Which are used by the player’s character to look more attractive and unique while playing the game. Today we are going to talk about the popular skin which is famous by the name Jazz Pants and how you can claim the Jazz Pant in Discount.

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Why Jazz Pants are Popular in the Game Free Fire?

Classic Jazz pants are also known as Jazz pants, you can claim the Jazz pant from the store by spending around 250 Diamonds. This Classic skin can be used with any other costume and it is also one of the most liked pants in the game free fire. Jazz pant is of the color black and has straight strips of different colors which makes the skin look very attractive and the player can match any costume while equipping this skin.

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How to Claim the Jazz Pants in Garena Free Fire?

Today we are going to talk about how you can able to get the hand on this skin as it is one of the hot topics in the Free Fire players-

  • If you are really lucky you can easily get the skin in a box crate which gives a player any random skin.
  • You can also purchase the skin directly from the store as it cost around 250 Diamonds but in every offer or update free fire makes the skin 50% off so you can also wait for that event as well.

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How to Claim Jazz Pants by using a Special Airdrop?

Around 75% of Garena free fire players county is under 17 years old and a lot of players can not able to purchase that many costly skins but still they wanted the skin, now we are going to talk about how you can claim the skin in only 30 rupees. In the free fire, there are many offers available for the new user, and today we are going to use one of those offers in this trick to gift the jazz pants to the main account.

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Follow these simple steps and you can easily Claim the Jazz Pant:

Jazz Pants In Garena Free Fire

  1. To use this trick you have to create a new account so log out from your main account and create a new one.
  2. After entering the new account you have to keep patience as it might take around two to three days according to your time spent in the game, as this offer appears in-between level 20.
  3. There is a special event only for new players in which you got a pop-up in your account of a special offer in which you can claim 300+ diamonds and some skins in only 30 rupees and this offer is available to new account players at a 92% discount.
  4. After claiming this offer you have to open the store from the lobby and find the Classic jazz pants or you can also search them in the fashion tab.
  5. Click on Jazz pants you have to click on the gift option, now you have to enter your main account id and hit the send button.
  6. After sending the gift you have to log out and then re-login with your main account.
  7. When you were entering the lobby from the main account you got a pop up of you to receive a gift from the account name, now click on the gift and claim the gift.
  8. After claiming the class jazz pants all you have to do is select and equip them with your other favorite skins.

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