Jumpman Zone Fortnite Code Trick 2022: Free Rewards

Jumpman Zone Fortnite Code

Fortnite is published by the Epic Games and developed by Epic Games too. It is a very popular game among other computer games and it is quite heavy too. The general size of this game is around 26 GB on a computer. There is also a mobile version of the game which varies from 1.56 to 2.98 GB. Epic Games always try to improve and enhance the gaming experience for their user base. So you can expect timely updates to the game which surely will bring something new to the game, either some new concept or some improvement.

We all know the graphic quality of Fortnite is more than amazing. And the game is also smooth and almost lag-free. You will experience smooth gameplay as the game is built with precision and there is always a support team working on the background for any changes or improvements. This is done to counter any sudden challenges as soon as possible and to not cut the flow of the gamers for a long time.

To stay for a long run in the market applications and games have to improvise according to time to stay updated. If there are no noticeable changes in the game for a long time it could be very dangerous for the application or game.

Remembering this in mind Fortnite has recently collaborated with Jordan Brand in honor of the Jordan XI Cool Grey release. The publisher of Fortnite has also added new skins, challenges, items, and a whole new Creative map for players to have fun with.

Fortnite Jumpman Zone:

The Fortnite Jumpman Zone is a brand new creative hub in the game. In order to complete the challenges, Fortnite players have to join Fortnite Jumpman Zone first. To take part in the challenges, players have to enter the map in the collaboration. And to enter the map you will first need to enter the code “5519-3138-2454”. The map theme is based on Jordan and once entering into the map, players have choices of several modes and options of completing the different tasks.

The challenges are only doable when players are inside the map. One task is somewhat related to another task, so a player will need to complete 12 tasks inside the map to unlock all the rewards available. There are trickshot challenges in the game that are only accessible when the players will enter into a certain map. Completing these challenges is a fun activity with your friends and squad.

These tasks are currently live so you can put all your efforts into the game to complete the tasks as soon as possible to get exclusive rewards and items.

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