[Trick] Method to Complete Mark Weapons of Different Rarity

Mark Weapons of Different RarityMark Weapons of Different Rarity

Many seasons have successfully passed in Fortnite and we have seen a lot of crazy skins and challenges throughout this entire journey. Some of the challenges were easy but some were really hard to win. Fortnite introduces new challenges for its audience to maintain their interest and lust for winning in the game.
Challenges like Mark Weapons of different rarity are very innovative and adventurous kinds of challenges in which players need to mark 7 items of different weapon rarity. In this challenge, the player needs to find common, uncommon, and 5 more types of rarities in the game.

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This challenge was introduced in the 7th week of Season 6 of Fortnite. Not only this the 7th week has a full new quest that players have to complete. In this event, Fortnite has introduced a lot of hard challenges including the marking of 7 different weapon rarities on the map.

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What is Mark Weapons of Different Rarity?

Mark Weapons of Different Rarity is a challenge in which the challenger needs to mark 7 items of the different rarity of weapons. These 7 weapon rarities are:

  1. Common weapon
  2. Uncommon Weapon
  3. Rare Weapon
  4. Epic Weapon
  5. Legendary Weapon
  6. Mythic Weapon
  7. Exotic Weapons

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The challenger who is attempting this challenge must need to mark the weapons belonging to these rarities. With the help of NPC’s, you can obtain the first four rarities (Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold) with ease. Gold bars can be used in upgrading some objects for some characters. Let’s see how to complete this challenge in the best possible way:

  1. Start this challenge with the common weapon that has been marked already.
  2. After that talk to the Reaper to upgrade it to an uncommon rarity-type weapon.
  3. Drop your weapon and mark it.
  4. Repeat the process again.
  5. Then Repeat it again till you accomplish level 5 of weapon rarity which is Legendary being the highest rarity till now. (In this method the use of the gold bars is very high but it is the easiest and preferable by many of the players in the game)
  6. Now you should look forward to a Mythic weapon and for starting you can go to Glyph Master Raj at The Spire.
  7. When you will beat him, then he will drop a Mythic Bow. Finally, you must obtain Mythic objects from the various characters inside the game.
  8. Now the hardest part is of the exotic weapons. The weapons and objects belonging to this category are extremely rare as they stand on top of the rarity. They are not any new weapon but they are advanced versions of the pre-existing weapon on the game. They could be purchased but for that purchases need to be done with characters for bar and they can even be found in the presents as well.

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So this is a step-to-step guide for completing this mission of “Mark Weapons of Different Rarity”. There are many YouTube players of Fortnite who have used this trick to complete this mission in a very less time.

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