The New Anti-Cheat System in Free Fire Max – Ban 1,348,888 Users!!

New Anti-Cheat System in Free Fire Max

As we all know cheating is increasing very rapidly day by day not only in the games but even in the world. With this increasing problem of cheating Garena free fire has announced the anti-cheat system to be launched in the free fire which will help the innocent players to play the game fairer and will equally punish the cheaters of the game. There are many players who are playing in an unfair manner usually by the use of any unauthorized third-party programs like by using any cheat codes or simply by hacking into the game etc.

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In order to make the games fair for every player Garena‘s mobile battle royal game free fire has announced is working on its new feature which is an anti-hack program. As we know the game free fire has quite a strict policy that enables fair play of the game in order to avoid the players cheating. With the help of this new feature of anti-hack the players who are playing the game unfairly will not be able to see or detect the players who are playing the game in a fair manner. The game free fire has a zero-tolerance policy for all the players cheating which enables these unauthorized players to use their accounts again as they permanently banned their accounts. Not only their account but also the devices that are being used by the players for cheating are being banned by the free fire game.

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The new feature called cloaking is made in use by the new anti-cheat system which enables the cheaters of the game to play easily as it makes the innocent players invisible making it tough for the cheaters to play with ease. Clocking is a very popular feature and is also used in a similar type of game COD which is the call of duty. cloaking not only helps in making the innocent players invisible to the cheetah players but also does it helps in making the characters invisible and the bullet sound silent has the unauthorized players want to be able to hear any bullet shot hit by the innocent players they will even not be able to hear any sound by the innocent players which makes them unnoticeable for the unauthorized players. In this way, the authorized players can easily kill the cheater players.

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With the increasing rate of these unauthorized players free fire is trying its best to control the increasing rate of these hackers and cheaters. The new feature allows the game innocent authorized players to have the full authority to take their full revenue from the unauthorized players as it can easily help them to kill these cheaters as they won’t be able to know about their presence in the game  This new feature has made it is really difficult for the cheaters to play this game easily it has made it almost next to impossible for them. The launch of this new feature is a very good point for the innocent players and it won’t even affect them as they were playing with full innocence from the start but it will cause a big problem for those who are playing unauthorized.

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Garena free fire very frequently keeps a check on these hackers and the ones using these cheat codes and they always try their best to either ban or take the necessary steps in order to stop this unauthorized way of playing the game. As the free fire is able to detect the cheaters they usually banned them and as a report says almost every day cheater’s account is getting banned by free fire. They even try their best to keep a constant check to maintain fair play.

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Any player who feels the need to report about a cheater or if they spot any person using unauthorized means in the game they can easily just use the In-game report function and filed their complaint. Free fire has taken very effective measures to keep these cheaters away as even those who are trying to cheat using the guest accounts even accounts are getting immediately banned after any sense of cheating is seen.

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