NHK Meaning In Valorant – JOT, NT, GL Every Slang To Know In Valorant

NHK Meaning In Valorant

The shining light of Valorant is sparkling on every gamer’s face right now. Many gamers are switching to Valorant because it is fun, easy to learn, and a cool package of Guns and power in one game. Valorant is very famous globally and many of the global stars are already enjoying Valorant.

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It is a very tactical and strategic game, which needs proper communication between the players. Even sometimes messing with opponents is also necessary to bring down their Morales and destroy their hopes of winning the game.
In Valorant, players can communicate through a microphone, which will be verbal communication, and through team and all chat. Team chat is made for written communication under circumstances where the use of a microphone is not possible. Team chat is only limited to the team players only and opponents are unaware of the plans made by the team players.

Languages and communication are very different in different regions. Usage of words is completely different. In gaming also, people already are using slang language to mock their opponents or to show their dominance in the game.

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Different games have types of slang or abbreviations. Basically, in shooter-style PVP games, the usage of abbreviations is more.

In India, many YouTubers, streamers, and gamers communities of different games have different abbreviations to mockery and show dominance over the opponents. Many terms like “OP” and “GG” are very famous among all the gamers and these abbreviations and slangs culture in India basically came out from PUBG.

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Valorant has different types of abbreviations listed which are used by the Valorant players, and one of the most famous terms in Valorant is NHK. So what is the meaning of NHK in Valorant? Let’s see what is the meaning of NHK and what are the other famous terms being used in Valorant.

NHK in Valorant means ” Nahi Horaha Kya”, this is a Hindi abbreviation used to mock the enemy team when they get overshadowed and outclassed in around.

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There are many other abbreviations that are being used in the game, these are:

  1. NT (Nice Try) – NT is a kind of complementary term which is given to a teammate or the opponent. It is given to a player who played very well in the round and made better judgments or efforts in the game, but the team failed to win the game.
  2. WP (Well Played) – WP is also a complimentary comment made to a teammate or opponent. The player who is the man of the match and highlight of the round, and due to his contribution, the team wins the round is acknowledged with WP. It could be given to the entire opponent team if they managed to outclass your team in around.
  3. N1 (Nice One) – N1 is a complementary statement that is given to a player of your own or the opponent’s team if he plays really well and alone outclasses the opponent.
  4. NS (Nice Shot) – A shot that is too awesome a flick or one-tap or generally a good shot in general made by a player is appreciated with Nice Shot. If a person on your team or opponent’s team kills or finishes with a good shot then Nice Shot is given in the honor of that shot.
  5. GH (Good Half) – Good Half is also a positive and complimentary comment that is used when both the sides have played very well and the round was very exciting and fun to play. It is written in all chats in a game.
  6. GG (Good Game) – GG means sharing a positive spirit at the end of the game when both the sides played well and it is a kind gesture towards the team players as well as the opponents.

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So these are just some random game terms that are meant to compliment or mock each other and have fun in the game. Sometimes making a mockery of someone leads to some tension in the game, but mostly it is only taken as a Competition and challenge in the game. In the end, it is just a game guys and we have to make gaming a suitable place for all. So try to make comments which are not that hurting to others.

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