How to Get Siren Skin in Fortnite? Complete Method with Trick 2022

Siren Skin in Fortnite

There is a massive heap of skins in Fortnite. The skins show different characters in the game. Either the skin resembles to some characters of the movie or real life or the skins are totally imaginary based. These skins are made by the content creators of Fortnite. They put all their efforts and creativity while making the proper bundles. The creators have to keep in mind that the details must be good and fine when the character is in motion. The skins are divided on the basis of their rarity and are available in the shop according to it.
Today our particular choice of skin is “Siren”. Looks-wise she is a very beautiful and bold character in the game but don’t let the beauty fools you, the way she dresses up it resembles to a Hitman or some secret agent from a highly authorized defense service. So let’s know more about her.

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Siren Skin (Unforgettable and Inescapable)

Siren Skin is a rare skin type in the game. With white radiant skin and a black jacket on top of a white shirt makes her the Unique character model. She is quite an exclusive item to get in the game so the skin costs 1200 VBucks. She was first introduced in Chapter 2 Season 2 and was a precious part of Benjyfishy’s locker bundle. There is also a deadly gun with this deadly lady inside the bundle which was the Last Kiss back bling (sealed with a kiss). The siren skin can only be purchased when the whole Benjyfishy’s locker bundle is purchased. She is a part of the Hit Squad Set.

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Siren Skin has two appearances in the game, one is the default and the other is the Noir Shaded Siren in which the shade of Noir completely covers the Siren Skin. The new color scheme of Siren was introduced in V12.60.

The character is built up as a European Spy woman with rose gold jewelry and on top of it eyepatch to match the theme of Chapter 2 Season 2. All of the characters are made according to the season’s theme and the features of the skins somewhere resemble to the ongoing season theme of the game. Siren Skin resemblance highly matches to Elle Driver, the member of Deadly Viper Assassination Squad from the world-famous Kill Bill series. And the touch of Noir is given to her which makes the visuals the same as the old age televisions from the 1960s.

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The Siren Skin can be purchased when the skin is available in the item shop for 1200 VBucks. On an average, this skin takes around 30-32 days to get back in the item shop, and more likely it will get back in the shop by 31 of March 2022. Previously this skin was available in the shop on 27 of February 2022. The skin I’d is CID_748_Athena_Commando_F_Hitman.

As she is part of the hit squad set, there are many other cool items too in this set, let’s look at them too.

1. Outfit Wolf

Outfit Wolf is also a part of the hit squad set and it also comes in two designs like Siren Skin, default, and Noir.

2. XO Axes Harvesting tool

These are the rare category of Harvesting tools from the hit squad set. The price of these Axes is around 800 VBucks and it was released on 18 of April 2020.

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3. Reflex Blades Harvesting tool

This tool comes under the uncommon category of Harvesting tools in Fortnite. It is also a part of the Hit Squad Set and was released on 18 April 2020.

4. Pelt Pack Back Bling

It is another part of the Hit Squad Set and is a Rare Back Bling of Fortnite. Its arrival on Fortnite was on Chapter 2 Season 2 of Fortnite.

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