How To Get Unlimited Gold Coins In Free Fire?

Unlimited Gold Coins In Free Fire

Online Games are changing the way of life every second. They are bringing joy and action to the grip of your hand. The world of games is regularly competing to provide the user experience.

Free Fire is pacing up in this race and competing with other big Gaming Companies to improvise and give their users the best experience. They try to share updates and rewards in occasional events or season changes. And now they have a huge Library of skin upgrades and outfits for the players. These items can be normal as well as exclusive, and getting one of them is not a piece of cake. You will require a certain amount of Diamond or Gold coins to get some of these items. Getting Gold coins and Diamonds in Free Fire is not easy as well, you cannot buy Gold coins but you can buy Diamond. It will be very painful for your pockets though.

What are Gold Coins and Diamond?

These are the in-game currencies that could be used to purchase exclusive items from the shop or bundles.

How to Get Gold and Diamond?

There are some bundles available in Free Fire which you can get only with Gold coins. Gold coins can be earned by playing the game but the amount is not so good and it will take a good amount of time to collect the proper amount of Gold needed for the bundles. And for Diamond, you can spend your money according to your choice.

How to get unlimited Gold Coins?

unlimited Gold Coins

You can do most of the things with gold coins, you can buy bundles by doing bundle spin in Gold Royal. You can also unlock certain characters or make your own guild with the help of Gold Coins. But now comes the hard part, these all items will require a certain amount of gold, and collecting them by playing games will be a time taking process. Also, there is no option for purchasing gold in the game. So how will you get gold faster?

Well, there is no one-step process for this but there is a speedy game solution that will help you achieve this target.

You can maximize the Gold coin earnings by:

1. Rank Games:

Rank Games are the games that will impact your rankings according to your region. These games give more amount of gold according to your survivability in the game. So try not to get killed early in the game and survive as much as possible in the game.

2. Booyah!

Booyah! Is not an expression it is an emotion of winning the game. When the player survives till the last man standing he will get a Booyah. Try to get as many Booyah as you can for getting a better amount of Gold coins every time. It’s extremely hard to get Booyah every time but at least you can put more effort into the game to get more Booyah!

3. Complete Guild Missions:

There are guilds present in every game or you can make your own guild. Guild is a kind of online community in which there are other members like you who plays the same game regularly. You have to complete the given guild in order to get more Gold Coins. If you don’t play the game, then also you will get some amount of gold.

4. 2X Gold Card:

The 2X Gold Card allows users to get 2X the amount of gold for every played game. These cards are easily available for you in the game. Use these cards to fasten up the Gold Coins earning.

5. Increase ID Level:

Increasing ID level is time taking process but it is worth the rewards. You will get more rewards and gold for increasing your ID level. ID level can be increased by playing only, so do your best and do not care about this. This will definitely grow with the progress of your game.

These are some methods to get more and more Gold Coins in the game. There is no hack for this and if you get some hack then you could be banned temporarily or permanently. This could happen because suddenly there will be a lot of Gold Coins in your account and it will grab the attention of the game developers. So choose your actions wisely.

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