How to Unlock and Get Slurpee Boost in Rocket League?

Get Slurpee Boost in Rocket League

Games are getting creative these days, similarly, their creators are too. From land to water to even space we have games available in the market. Gaming companies are pushing themselves to the next level as the competition is growing, they also have to grow themselves and think out of the box for their new invention or game. Not only that, they have to choose what their target audience will be and how to make it popular, everything is taken into consideration. Because if you have a concept of the new game, the gaming industry is so filled with games that a similar version of the game will already be present somewhere. So what should gaming companies do now?

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Then Gaming companies came up with a brilliant idea of merging two games and making it one. For example, merging soccer and car games and making a game like Rocket League.

Rocket League is a sport-based game, it is just soccer with cars. The game is developed by Psyonix. The game is fully competitive and based on teamwork, and played to overshadow the opponents. The basic idea of gameplay is to advance with the ball in the field and score goals more than the opponents while driving a car. It needs a lot of work with reflexes and it is a high-paced game. The best of players are very much skilled in the game.

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The game starts with two opposing teams of blue and orange color. When the timer starts, players pump up to hit the ball first and make the first move. Then when the ball is in motion players play the game of attacking and defending and whoever team scores more goals, wins.

But as I already told you, this is not a common soccer game, it is played with Rocket boosted cars. The game is so fast pacing and the players need to be very agile with their skills.

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Players need to choose their preferred car before the game starts and various options of customizations. There are Lil circles made in the field, in which the Power-ups like boost keeps spawning from time to time. So the player can go in boosted speed as well as the player can fly too by mixing boost with jumping.

The boost part is so cool in the game, it makes the whole game more much dynamic than ever. The graphics of the boost are totally awesome in the game too, but there are customizations to boost graphics too. Unblocked Games: 7 Step Easy Download and Play!!

The Rocket League Slupree Boost is getting popular these days and it is a limited item in the game. There is so much hype for it amongst the gamers. Slurpee boost is a Rocket boost which is introduced recently on the game on 23 February 2022.

Rocket League has been working as a partner with 7eleven. In the partnership, the company will be releasing exclusive rewards in the game and you can get access to these rewards by purchasing items from the 7eleven. Not only 7-eleven, but the company has also joined hands with speedway and stripes too. So after buying the products from these, you have to scan in your app and they will send you a code in your e-mail. Then you have to redeem the code in your game and you will get a prize for that. Now, these items are very random, it all depends on your luck. But this is the way to get the Limited item Slurpee Boost.

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You can buy anything from these companies like snacks and soft drinks and you can get a code to redeem in the game. The process is very simple and the rewards are very exciting. To complete the process ASAP and get your free item today.

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