How to Get Refund for Skin Purchases in Valorant?

Refund for Skin Purchases in Valorant

Valorant has become popular from its beta phase and now it is one of the top first-person hero shooters game like CSGO. Unlike CSGO in Valorant, each character has their unique abilities and there are many unique weapons skins available in the games as well. A lot of time players accidentally purchased the skins by using the game currency and want to get a refund of the purchase by using undo the purchase.

Today we are going to talk about how we can get a refund of in-game skins in Valorent.

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About the game Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooting game and each hero carries a unique ability that is used to win the game. The game Valorant is developed by Riot Games and it become popular in the early stage of the beta period due to its unique teamwork in each game. It is officially launched on the second of June 2020.

What can be refundable and non-refundable in Valorent?

In Valorant there are certain rules and terms added by the team of Riot Games to make players clear about the refund policies so that they do not have any problems further. Only a few contents can be refundable so it is very important to check whether it comes under the rules or not. Some of the points you must remember before claiming the refunds are.

  • Only selected unused content can be possible to get a refund.
  • Content purchase must not be more than 14 days.

These are some of the cases in which you can get a refund of the content if you met the rules.

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All the Refundable contents:

  • In-game premium currency (like RP or VALORANT Points) (“Game Currency”)
  • Champions
  • Skins
  • Ward skins
  • Individual Chromas
  • Emotes
  • Rune pages
  • Summoner name changes (This can only be possible if your previous name is still available to avail)
  • Summoner icons
  • Chroma packs
  • Recalls
  • Baubles
  • Arena skins
  • Little Legends
  • Cards
  • Card styles

These are some of the cases in which you are not eligible to claim the refund according to the Riot game policies.

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All the Non-Refundable content:

  • Gifts (whether sent or received)
  • Boosts
  • Account transfers
  • Chests
  • Bundles
  • Promotional items
  • Esports summoner icons
  • Hextech inventory (like keys, chests, and shards)
  • Poro Coin content
  • Event passes (including the Premium Battle Pass and Premium Battle Pass levels)
  • Earned content
  • Character contract levels
  • Weapon skin levels
  • In-game regular currency (like Radianite Points or Star Shards)
  • Little Legends Eggs
  • Booms!

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How to claim the refund?

  1. Open the official website of valorant click on support and then click on refund unused content (You can also check out all the policies in that section as well related to the refund).
  2. First, check whether the refund is eligible as per the policies or not.
  3. If the refund criteria match the policies click on login.
  4. Clicking on the Login you have to log in with your Valorant game account from which you want to claim the refund.
  5. After login, you can able to check which content can be refundable.
  6. Click the item for which you want the refund back
  7. After confirming, you will get the refund back and you no longer can able to use the skin.

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If you met the rules you can easily get a refund by using the above steps if not be careful the next time while purchasing any content of the game. Always purchase the item after properly checking otherwise you might lose the money which can be used in other legendary content.

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