[Guide] Where is Sunburned Shacks in Fortnite?

Where is Sunburned Shacks in Fortnite

Fortnite is very creative in terms of engaging players with their content. Fortnite shares some quests and adventures randomly at the start of the season to make the game more interesting. Now in Chapter 3 Season 1, Fortnite has shared a new series of Quest which is called The Level Up Quest. Now the players are fully filled with energy to go on an adventure and collect these exclusive Level Up tokens in exchange for levels and cosmetic rewards.

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The cosmetic reward will be given when the player will complete all the Week’s Quest. The complete list of Quests is mentioned below.

  1. Week 1 Quest: Shattered Wings Back Bling
  2. Week 2 Quest: Monarch Glow Wrap
  3. Week 3 Quest: Golden Style of the Shattered Wings Back Bling
  4. Week 4 Quest: Golden Style of the Monarch Outfit.

To get all the exclusive rewards and items players have to complete all these quests. In all these Quests the Level Up tokens are spread in some parts of the maps to be collected.

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Most of the people are facing difficulty in finding the Sunburned Shacks and completing the quest related to it. So let’s see where to find these Sunburned Shacks on the map of Fortnite.

To find the Sunburned Shacks, first, we need to know what are these actually. Sunburned Shacks are the two small islands which are located in the Gulf East of Sanctuary. These islands could be observed as skinny islands and the waning crescent moon-shaped islands. These islands are located at the far eastern edge of the Sunburned Shacks territory.

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Sunburned Shacks are not marked on the map because it is not a place on the map rather it is a landmark, so it is not properly labeled on the map. The place is filled with some water-facing beach homes and is completely surrounded by the water from all sides. I guess that is the reason the place got its name. The place is fully filled with a tonne of loot and there are chances to get a Reboot van here.

The Fortnite Sunburned Shacks Level Up token is placed on the tiny island which is located North of the Primary Sunburned Shacks landmark. There will be a Red House on the island which will be pretty distinct. You will be easily able to find it and the Fortnite Level Up token will be placed on the deck of some outdoor lounge chairs with an umbrella giving the proper vibe of beaches. To get the token you will have to approach it and increase the level at an instant of your Chapter 3 Season 1 battle pass.

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These Level up tokens are actually the new variation of Fortnite Packs which are originally called Fortnite Level Up Quest Packs. This new variation was firstly discovered in Mornach’s level-up Quest Pack. This pack includes several exclusive skins and 7 new Level Up Quests that will be released every week for consecutively four weeks. So players have to complete all the Week’s Quest to get their hands on a Cosmetic Reward. These challenges are actually adventurous and worth completing because the rewards associated with these challenges are completely awesome.

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This event is a time-related event and the Monarch Level Up Quest Pack will expire at the end of Chapter 3 Season 1. The last date to complete this Quest was 19 March 2022 to collect all the tokens related to the Monarch level-up Quest Pack including the Sunburned Shacks Level Up token.

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